Photoshoot with celeb photographer, Derek Blanks.

Photoshoot with celeb photographer, Derek Blanks.


My Story

"It's never too late to re-build you..."

I remeber when when my personal life went haywire after my 7-year marriage ended. I vowed that when I made it on the other side of disappointment, I’d inspire others to do the same.

So what did I do? I channeled my energy into launching a personal brand that would promote positive media, healthy relationships, self-worth and purpose.

My first venture was an online mag, Creating it was like therapy.  I no longer had someone telling me what I couldn’t do. I was mentally freed up to hear God’s voice tell me I could.

I didn’t have a background in media and I didn't have anyone to "hook me up" with industry connections. I made it because of faith, hard work, and the right mindset. How did I do this single with two children? I made a decision. No plan B. Money looking funny and all! I figured out how to build my own website and never looked back.

The first major event I requested to cover was the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2007 (pic below). They had no idea I was new to this media world. But guess what…they approved me to hit the red carpet! Since launching the site, I've interviewed celebs like Jada Pinkett Smith, Steve Harvey, Kevin Costner, Meagan Good and countless others.

My first red carpet! BET Hip Hop Awards 2007.

My first red carpet! BET Hip Hop Awards 2007.

I expanded my brand by creating Kim Academy. It's a portal where I teach online courses about personal development (getting your mind right) and media (in front of the camera and behind the laptop). You need more than just knowledge in order to be successful. You also need the character to keep you on top!

I’m here to serve those who are ready and inspire those who want to get ready. The celebs I interview, books I write, courses I create, and other projects I’ll develop are all intentionally designed to help get you to your best life. 

Whether I’m on the red carpet or pouring into the lives of women, I have chosen to be the light someone needs to keep going, no matter where they come from or what they’ve been through.

This is the mindset that has led me to become the woman I am today… a speaker, media personality, influencer, entrepreneur, mom, sister, friend and so much more to come!