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"It's Never Too Late To
Re-Build You"

Hey, I'm Kim! I'm a national speaker, entrepreneur and influencer. 

Over the past 10 years I've earned access to the most sought after events and celebrities for my digital brand,

As a speaker I LOVE to inspire people to move past setbacks and develop a mindset to win. There's not enough women standing up for what's right like healthy relationships, self-worth, and faith. I'm here to do my part.

Here's how my story may help you...

My Ventures

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Be Inspired by is an online inspirational mag covering faith, culture and style as it relates to 18-39 year olds. We bring faith to the mainstream.

Take an 

Build Your Brand With
Kim Academy

Take a course online! I’ve expanded my brand to help others by offering online courses about personal development and media (in front of the camera and behind the laptop). In order to be successful, you need more than just knowledge. You also need the personal development and character to keep you on top!

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Develop Your Mindset

Nothing just happens. In "The Success Mindset", I share how to not give up when your world is crumbling. Even while going through a tough time, you can train your mind to think successfully. Is it difficult for you to regain confidence after setbacks? Do you lack the confidence to start over? You need the The Success Mindset!