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Ideal for colleges, corporations, churches and organizations as it relates to media, women's interests and faith.

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“I’ve had Kim on my show several times. The thing I like most about her is that she walks in integrity. She represents the Kingdom all while going into uncommon places. A lot of celebrities know her and she influences the influential.”

Willie Moore Jr. 

(Radio One)


The Willie Moore Jr., Show

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I’ve heard time and time again how after becoming a Christian there’s not enough material to support this new lifestyle. JUBILEE fills that void in a cool, non-intimidating way! I believe this magazine is at the apex of the wave of change that is stirring through the country. The wave has been underestimated, but the tide is undeniably moving in its direction.


Derek 'Fonzworth' Bentley -

Author / Host of BET's Life Every Voice


"During Radio One's Praise in the Park concert in Atlanta, with attendance of over 25,000 people, I invited Kim on my show for Kirk Franklin's PRAISE on Sirius XM. During our interview, Kim shared her vision behind JubileeMag.com and her passion for bringing faith to mainstream. She's a leader in the industry and I've followed her work for a long time. She's definitely a game changer!"



DJ Dex of Kirk Franklin's PRAISE - 

Sirius XM

“Kim Ford was a fantastic speaker. As a young, independent entrepreneur she connected with our audience (college students) very well. She was dynamic in her conversation and dispensed wonderful advice on what being an entrepreneur means. The audience truly connected with her!”

Nadia Said
Morehouse College - Community Revitalization Initiative

We were pleased to have someone of Kim Ford’s caliber deliver training on blogging for fun and profit. She is an expert in this field and her suggestions have been successfully implemented by many of our staff attending her course. We look forward to her continued support of our learning and development (L&D) efforts.




Doug Samuels


Georgia State University – Consulting Services Manager

“Kim was an excellent speaker for the gentlemen in our organization. She was energetic and captivated them with her lesson on excellence. Best of all, she spent time afterwards to answer questions individually.”


Antoine Everhart
North Atlanta High School – ‘Men of Excellence’ Chair

“Having Kim as our moderator for the “Girl Talk” segment of the Set Apart, Single, and Sophisticated Retreat in Atlanta was so impactful. Her wisdom, fresh perspective, and practical application of Biblical principles helped set the tone for open and honest dialogue. The women who attend the event were able to understand what it means to live with purpose at every stage of their lives. Kim’s transparency and willingness to pour into others made the night a success.”



Chante Truscott, Founder
Wives In Waiting

Friends…How Many Of Us Have Them? :
Creating Healthy Woman-to-Woman Relationships

 No matter how totally independent we'd like to be, no woman is an island. That's why it’s crucial to have healthy woman-to-woman friendships. Reality TV may show women who compete, betray, lie and gossip with each other. The truth is, we need to be able to laugh and cry together, support each other’s dreams, and share wisdom with each other in order to experience the full blessing of friendship. That’s true sisterhood! As long as we're equally supportive, there's NOTHING we can't do together. Unfortunately, just like some women haven’t had good examples of relationships with men, many women didn’t grow up seeing healthy relationships with women. But guess what, a healthy woman-to-woman friendship can start with you! Kim will help your audience understand how to create the building blocks of true friendship and sisterhood so they can:

  • Understand why woman-to-woman friendships are beneficial.
  • Identify the barriers within yourself that abort healthy friendships.
  • Learn practical steps to restore broken friendships.
  • Break the spirit of competition.
  • Determine if you have real friends.
  • Recognize the do’s and don’ts of friendship.
  • Identify the levels of friendship (best friend, associate, co-worker, teammate, etc)

Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another. Using practical takeaways and application steps, Kim will equip you with a survival toolkit to maintain healthy lifetime friendships.

Getting Over It:
How To Handle Rejection And Betrayal

 No one is exempt from getting hurt by a relative, boyfriend, spouse, co-worker, or friend. Is it fair? No. Can you move on to a happy, fulfilled life? Yes! No matter the source, you must learn how to heal from disappointments. Hurt can be so deeply rooted that you don’t realize you've become a bitter, jaded woman. Sometimes you have to move on knowing you may never get the apology you deserve. The truth is, your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Kim will give your audience practical steps they can use to immediately:

  • Navigate disappointments in a way that makes you better, not bitter.
  • Transform from an "I can’t believe they did that to me" mindset so that you do not abort the call on your life.
  • Make mental corrections that will allow you to control the emotions that cause resentment, unforgiveness and illness
  • Bounce back by taking day-to-day steps to get your joy, peace and power back

When you take the time to become an amazing woman instead of a ‘mad’ woman, you become irresistible to the people and opportunities that were always destined for you.

 Dream Big!: Never Surrender To A Mediocre Life

This session is for the person who has decided that “good enough” isn’t good enough anymore. What does your dream life look like? What is your purpose? Did you suffer a divorce, financial set-back or just want more? Life comes with obstacles, but you don’t have to allow the results of those obstacles steal your life. Success begins the moment you choose to do something different. You don’t need anyone’s permission to succeed or pursue an extravagant life. Sometimes the "big break" you've been waiting on has been inside of you the whole time. During this session, Kim will show your audience how to make a plan, execute it and enjoy the results. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a vision board to help bring your dream life into reality.
  • Develop a fearless, success-driven mindset.
  • Turn “I can’t” into “I will”
  • Discover your purpose and pursue it aggressively with daily actions
  • Develop work ethics that will serve as the vehicle to your dream life

This presentation is more than a typical motivational speech. Kim will enlarge the way your audience approaches work and life in ways that produces results.

The Truth About Single Life, Married Life, And Becoming The Dream-Wife

 Let’s talk about relationships. The up’s and the downs. This session reveals the power of being single, the truth about marriage, how to spot Mr. Right, and we’ll break down what men need from us. Kim shares powerful examples, insightful facts, and specific tools to help you:

  • Understand that healthy families begin with healthy relationships.
  • Become patient, productive and confident in your singleness.
  • Become what you want to attract.
  • Evaluate if you’re ready for a relationship or marriage, based on personal development…not anxiety. 
  • Become a better wife by understanding that marriage is all about partnership, selflessness and serving each other…no matter how you feel.

Please understand that this is not a male bashing session. We’ll discuss how we can become better women and avoid relationships that don’t complement our destiny. The ultimate goal is to create strong families. When we teach our daughters how to recognize a real man and teach our sons to be those men, then we'll start to see real families.